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Expert for satellite antennas

Hisatec GmbH has offered consultation and development for innovative telecommunications and antenna transmission technology since 2013 as a service. We meet the latest requirements for hi-tech satellite antennas based on the most up-to-date technology and a broad network of partners.
We focus particularly on research and development as well as consultation for companies. We also develop our own innovative products.
Our developments are based on a comprehensive approach that combines the special features of satellite communication, antenna-, HF and EMC technology.

As a client you will benefit from diverse technical expertise and this very unusual combination of specialist areas, as this yields new and intelligent products and solutions.
Our range of services includes scientific services in the form of research assignments, consultation of scientific institutions in the development of antennae, and auditing. This especially involves support services in regard to the development of innovative solutions in the field of satellite transmission and radar technology. This is based on the requirements of the latest technological solutions so as to allow our clients successfully to develop and market their products.
In parallel to this, we will develop and market our own products. We are currently working to develop a planar Two-Way Flat Satellite Antenna for IP Data Transfer (Ka-Band). This antenna always has optimum reception and can be stationary used. This project is supported by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund.

Services in the field satellite communication

Our activities range from the development of hi-tech antennae to the sale of development findings and even individual consultation and support in the installation of technical systems.

Research and Development Research and Development

Because of our positioning as an expert in innovative satellite and antenna technology, research and development form the core of our activities. We serve clients from the scientific and industrial communities at home and abroad.

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Consultation Consulting

We offer scientific institutes, internet providers and satellite providers a wide spectrum of consultation services in relation to satellite transmission technology, satellite communication and antenna technology.

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Project Supervision Project Facilitating

Various challenges arise in the course of the planning, development and completion of innovative technical systems in the field of antennae for satellite transmission and radar technology. When dealing with these, staff shortages or bottlenecks can sometimes occur.

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Error Analysis Error Analysis

If faults arise during your product development or after setting up your products, we will be happy to help you locate them.

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Our long-term goal is to develop and build innovative products in the field of satellite communications.

Our business philosophy is to develop and market innovative products in cooperation with our large network of universities, institutes and satellite providers.